Employee Corporate Wellness Programs

We help you achieve OSHA, EHSS and other specific compliance requirements to achieve healthier, more productive and satisfied workforce. Here are our services

1)  Managed Wellness Centers – Occupational Health Center

We can design and run the Wellness Center that suits your requirements. We have experience in running Wellness Centers from top corporates like Wipro and Tatas

2) Availability of Doctors, Physiotherapist, Nurses & Paramedic Staff at your premises

We can depute experienced Doctors, Physiotherapist, Nurses and Paramedic Staff at your premises.

3) Employee Health Checkups

There are always better adoption and compliance for an Onsite health check camps as convenience and peer pressure helps. The largest health check camp, we have conducted is for 10,000 employees. The checkups are tailored to the needs of the organization and can include onsite physical checkup, lab tests, X ray, Eye checkup and can include even testing for toxics like lead.  We carryout these onsite camps even as per the shift timings of the employees.  The camps are run in a highly engaging manner with the employees and the wait time is used for games and education.

4) Employee vaccination programs

We carry out all kind of vaccinations for the employees. Some of the examples are

Seasonal – Influenza, Typhoid,

Lifestyle related – HPV for women,

Specific vaccines for companies like food handlers – Hepatitis B and TT, specific vaccines for companies carrying out clinical research like Swine flu, Rabies

5) Ambulance Services (dedicated / on call)

We are provide dedicated and on call Ambulance Services for our clients.

6) Installation and Maintenance of First Aid boxes

We provide and manage the First Aid Boxes at the factory or office premises.

7) Basic Health and Life support training programs

We carryout Basic Health and Life support training by certified trainers and also provide the training certificate to the participants

8) Health Awareness Programs

We conduct lectures and workshops on current topics like Women’s wellness including fertility, care during Pregnancy, Managing Diabetes and Cardiac wellness, Yoga and lifestyle management to name a few. All these programs have been received quite well by the employees and we would be happy to share the feedback,.

9) Emergency Care

Unfortunately there are bound to be some accidents in the office or factory premises despite having excellent safety practices. Our Emergency care services help treat the employees in cases like poisoning, injuries, cuts, wounds etc.

10) Corporate Pharmacy

We can open a discounted pharmacy counter in the factory or office premises